"Effective transformation begins with insight into who we really are and how we interrelate with others. Armed with this understanding,
we then can craft a plan for change."

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    Cynthia C. Kitagawa

    Cynthia has over 30 years of professional experience in the areas of sales and marketing, information technology, management, wireless telecommunications, and organizational development.

    She enjoys dealing with the challenge of change and new opportunities and is energized by situations that require creative problem solving.  She learned from personal experience, the true value of effective teaming and leadership.  Armed with these skills, she successfully led cross-functional teams to introduce major technology, system, and process changes with minimal impact to operations and the customer base.

    Cynthia is passionate about helping people make work rewarding.  She believes that in high performance organizations, people enjoy what they do and do their jobs well, and the organization and customers they serve are rewarded by the value they create.  She works with her clients to tailor programs to transform their organizations to achieve these kinds of results.

    Before launching Insight Consulting & Training, she was Director of Customer Services-Strategy & New Initiatives for AT&T Wireless in Redmond, Washington.  She analyzed Customer Service operations, developed strategies to reduce operational costs and generate revenue, and executed plans to meet organizational objectives.  Prior to that, she managed the deployment of new generation technology in major markets across the country and the transition of acquired markets to national systems and processes.  She gained much of her business experience in Marketing and Information Technology working at IBM and Kamehameha Schools in Hawaii before moving to Washington.


    Cynthia is certified to administer the following assessments as part of her organizational development work: MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) personality assessment, People Skills® behavioral style profile, Bar-On EQi and Bar-On EQ360 Emotional Intelligence assessments.

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