"Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice;
it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved."

- William Jennings Bryan -

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    We serve organizations that value their people and recognize that creating the right organizational culture is key to achieving long-term success.  They strive to create a culture that encourages today's knowledge workers to do what they do best, allowing them to excel and thrive, and ultimately resulting in peak performance.  They realize that in today’s highly competitive employment market, coupled with the impact of changing generational life values, creating an environment that keeps a diverse employee population engaged in their work is critical to attracting, developing and retaining talent. 

    Our clients include small to medium sized service organizations in a wide variety of industries, including banking, hospitality, retail, healthcare, and education.  We service for-profit as well as non-profit institutions.  Regardless of size or industry, our clients place a high value on their people and strive to make the workplace positive and productive for everyone.

    The Problems

    • You lack a clear plan to keep up with today's fast-paced, globally competitive marketplace.  You need to clarify your vision and direction, based on current and future trends and opportunities.  In some cases, you have a good plan, but don’t know how to execute it well.
    • You understand the power of effective teaming and collaboration, but your team doesn't work well together and you're tempted to throw in the towel and go back to the old ways of doing things without teams.  Everything seems to be a struggle … from running effective meetings, to engaging in productive dialogue that results in better understanding, to developing supportive working relationships, to making good decisions, and ultimately to solving problems effectively.
    • You're baffled by the challenges of having four generations in the workplace.  The challenge of the Gen-X and Millennial workers requires that you gain an understanding of this new breed of workers that entered the workforce about 15 years ago.  They don't think, act, and feel like their predecessor Baby Boomers.  They seem to challenge everything and are impatient enough to leave for greener pastures before you can even understand their complaints.

    • Instead of absenteeism, your organization is suffering from "presenteeism". Too many employees come to work, put in the appropriate hours in the office, but are not engaged and productive.  In these challenging economic times, you can't afford to have employees that are not highly engaged and passionate about their work.  Developing an adaptive culture can be the prescription you need.

    • You don't have successors identified and ready to take the place of soon-to-retire Baby Boomers in critical leadership positions.  You realize that you should be developing a succession plan but don't know how to address challenges such as providing leadership training and development required for all targeted replacements and retention incentives that are attractive to Gen-X and Millennial replacements.

    Our Ideal Client

    Clients will be most successful working with us if:

    • you believe in people and see the value of investing in them
    • you believe in the power of positive teaming and collaboration
    • you are committed to long-term solutions, and willing to do what it takes to achieve them over quick fixes
    • you like to understand current trends and challenges and are willing to try new approaches that better address them
    • you value new perspectives and being challenged
    • you are willing to take some risks to go into the unknown and uncomfortable
    • you expect as much of yourself as you expect of others
    • you are focused on being the best you can be — for yourself, for your organization, for your clients, and for your community

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