"The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we are,
but in what direction we are moving."

- Oliver Wendell Holmes -

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  • To create high performance with knowledge workers, your management approach requires flexibility, results orientation, and empowerment.  To help you move your organization in the right direction, we offer three distinct but interrelated tracks to peak performance:

    We provide different programs, related to the three tracks, to meet your specific requirements.  Some companies elect to implement all the programs within their organizations.  Others choose to focus on a few to help them make the transition.  We partner with our clients to determine the best approach based upon their needs and resources.

    Our programs and materials have been developed by experts in the field of organizational development and are based on proven methodologies.  When combined with the vast business experience of our consultants, these programs become powerful tools to guide you and your organization toward achieving peak performance.

    These programs can be delivered in multi-day retreat sessions or spaced over time.  The modules include numerous individual and group exercises that make the training come alive and ensure that participants translate the principles into a personal plan of action.  The number of participants, structure, and format of the sessions can all be tailored to meet the needs of your organization.  For example, we offer the following options:

    • Individual Enrollments:  a schedule of monthly general workshops can be distributed to employees for individual enrollment with manager approval 
    • Department-Specific Programs: specific programs can be created to meet the needs of an entire department
    • Selected Participant Programs: a workshop series delivered over a specified timeframe to a selected group of participants (e.g. project leaders who meet on a monthly basis to improve specific project leadership skills such as communications, conflict resolution, and meeting facilitation.)
    • Cross-Functional Groups/Teams: one-time or on-going sessions to establish common dialogue and foster a support environment for employees to improve individual performance

    We encourage you to learn more about the different program tracks we offer:

    Strategic Planning

    Talent Development

    Generational Differences

    Strategic Planning    Talent Development    Generational Differences
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