"We cannot direct the wind .... but we can adjust the sails."

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  • We begin by partnering with you to gain insight into your organization and people to determine the priorities of your organization.  Then we offer customized business planning and targeted employee training solutions to achieve your specific objectives.  Our service and program solutions are results-oriented and cost-effective.

    Expected Results

    Guiding Beliefs or Values

    Our Approach

    What Makes Us Unique

    Expected Results

    • Clarity of direction and sense of shared mission.  We guide you and your team through the challenging process of developing your organizational or departmental strategy which includes your mission, vision, optimum opportunity for success, and plans of action.  We use a combination of tried-and-true and contemporary planning methodologies to establish this important framework with your team.

    • Teams of people working together towards their shared mission and vision, enjoying the rewards of collaboration and high productivity.  Beyond the common mission and vision that are critical to effective teaming, and equally important, is the development and practice of interpersonal relationship skills amongst the team members.  High Performance teams demonstrate skills such as developing trust, communicating effectively and engaging in interpersonal dialogue, managing conflict, and effectively solving problems and making decisions.  We offer tailored programs to address these and other specific relationship-building skills.

    • Increased awareness and appreciation for generational differences in today's workplace and the skills to apply this knowledge towards talent management and customer service.  We offer workshops to teach you the four different generational paradigms and explain how these paradigms drive our behaviors.  For those that are ready, we take the next step towards developing plans to attract, develop and retain high performers and/or deliver services that meet and exceed client expectations in each generation you serve.

    • A high energy, productive workplace where creative ideas and new approaches to every-day problems are encouraged and embraced.  With all there is to do every day it's not unusual for leadership and management to lose touch with what’s really going on in the workplace.  Or maybe you're aware that there are problems but you can't put your finger on exactly what they are and you don't know how to go about fixing them.  Using a combination of surveys, focus groups and planning meetings, we work with our clients to identify trouble-spots where employees are disengaged or disconnected, determine the causes of the problems, and recommend changes to current practices and procedures that result in a more adaptive organizational culture that renews employee engagement and commitment. 
    • You've assessed your employee pool, uncovered potential talent gaps, and have developed a plan to address these gaps.  Our clients understand the criticality of the labor shortage on American business and more importantly on their own business’ performance.  They make Talent Management a top priority that deserves leadership attention.  We work in concert to offer training and development programs that focus on developing the skills required in the 21st century.  Our small group approach lends itself to a more interactive learning environment that appeals to a variety of audiences.

    Guiding Beliefs or Values

    • The world of work can and should be a place that brings out the best in people.  For all the time that we spend at work during our adult lives, this place should be one that we look forward to going to each day.  What makes for a rewarding work place?  For most people, it's a place where we can feel we make a positive contribution each day, where we are appreciated for what we bring to the work place, and we're encouraged to develop and utilize our unique skills and talents to help drive the organization toward its mission and vision.

    • It all begins with ME.  People who wait for others to change or for circumstances surrounding a situation to improve before they take action are themselves part of the problem, instead of being part of the solution.  The power to be our best is within each of us.  If you want to enjoy positive improvement, you need to take the first step and recognize that effective transformation begins with insight into who we really are and how we interrelate with others.  Armed with this understanding, we then can craft a plan for change personally, with someone else, and within the larger organization.

    • The Power of Professional Partnerships.  Our business is built upon a foundation created through professional partnerships with our clients, business partners, vendors, and colleagues.  We strive to be models of the professionalism our clients and business partners are seeking in themselves and believe that through these relationships we can make a positive difference in the communities we serve.

    Our Approach

    • A partnership based on common understanding.  We meet with you to gain a better understanding of the challenges you're facing in your organization and determine how our services can help you and your team achieve peak performance.  We use this time to conduct a high level survey to assess your requirements and present an overview of our services.  At the end of this initial discussion, we can determine if our offerings are a good fit for your organization.
    • One size does not fit all.  From the information we gathered from our meeting, we outline the general direction and approach you plan to take and develop a proposal that reviews the details of our recommendation (e.g. program objectives, participants, implementation approach, specific program modules, timeline, requirements).  We work with you to refine the approach to ensure that your requirements and desired outcomes will be met with proper program implementation.

    • We teach you to fish so you can eat for a lifetime.  There's an old saying that if you give someone a fish, they're fed for a night.  But if you teach them to fish, they're fed for a lifetime.  Our approach is to develop the necessary skills to achieve your personal best as individuals, team players, and leaders, regardless of the team you're on, the project you're involved with, or the organization you're a part of.  These skills are transferable and will set you up for a lifetime of career success.  We do this by offering training and consulting services that combine presentations with facilitated discussions, real-world exercises, and frequent opportunities to share and dialogue with other participants.
    • Building blocks approach to establish a strong foundation.  Each session is offered in a standalone manner with immediate learnings and take-aways for all participants.  However, when completed as a series of workshops or planning sessions, the learnings and deliverables from previous sessions are used as a basis to further learning and development.  This way, you enjoy immediate results each step of the way on the journey to high performance while increasing the value from the program overall as participants hone their skills more and more with each session they complete.

    • A partnership based on customer service.  As partners on your journey to high performance, we realize and appreciate the trust you put in us to help guide you on this journey.  As we progress on the journey, requirements may change so we continue to work closely with you to ensure that your requirements and expectations are being met.

    What Makes Us Unique

    • Years of real-world experience tackling the same kinds of problems you face.  We combine our 30+ years of professional experience with highly effective training and consulting materials to offer you high quality, results-oriented programs in strategic planning, generational differences, leadership development, team building, and personal effectiveness training.  Having worked in large, national organizations at both branch and headquarters locations, as well as smaller, companies steeped in local tradition and culture, we can relate to a wide variety of work-related challenges that we share with participants through stories and activities.  We incorporate our personal experiences and learnings into our programs which resonate with participants. 
    • Flexible, tailored sessions to meet the unique requirements of each client.  We develop workshop materials that are a combination of tried-and-true techniques and models with contemporary approaches that address the complexities of today's workplace.  We mix-and-match our offerings and sequence them based on the specific needs of the group at that time; we're comfortable adjusting the plans as new requirements are uncovered or priorities change.
    • Expertise in Generational Differences and their impact on the world of work.  Today's workplace is riddled with examples of struggles caused by the different beliefs, values and behaviors of the four major generations that are working side-by-side.  It's critical that you and your staff understand these different paradigms in order to bring out the best in each other and achieve organizational success.  We offer unique programs in the form of keynote talks, workshops, and a variety of consulting services to address the impact of these differences on organizational effectiveness, talent management, customer service and organizational cultures.  Our programs are the result of extensive study into the four generations (Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X-ers, and Millennials).

    Now that you have a better idea about the results you can expect from working with us and our approach and philosophy of working with clients, click on this link to learn more about our Services.

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