"Effective transformation begins with insight into who we really are and how we interrelate with others. Armed with this understanding,
we then can craft a plan for change."

- Insight Consulting & Training -

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  • Insight Consulting & Training partners with business owners and executives to transform organizations to achieve peak performance.  Organizations that reach this pinnacle are admired and revered as models that others want to emulate and be associated with.

    What is at the core of High Performing organizations?  1) A clear sense of direction established by the leaders that is clearly communicated throughout the organization, 2) A corporate culture that recognizes individual and team contributions and fosters teamwork, built upon a model of trust and collaboration, and 3) A team consisting of employees, managers, and leaders all performing at their highest levels.

    Cynthia Kitagawa is President of Insight Consulting and Training.  Early on in her career, she was fortunate enough to work with an organization that exemplified the high performance characteristics described above.  She was empowered to work with her colleagues and leaders toward clear and achievable goals for the organization, enjoyed the benefits of high levels of camaraderie, and learned to appreciate the power of the high performance model.

    With that as her foundation, she served as an active participant and leader in setting direction, establishing cultural norms, and developing personal and team skills in various team environments that she has been involved in since that powerful beginning.  As a result, together with her teams, she successfully implemented IT systems and applications statewide, tested and led the launch of new wireless technology in major markets across the country, and transitioned acquired markets to national standards of a Fortune 500 firm.  Of course, she continues to enjoy the feeling that comes from knowing that she made a positive difference to the organizations and people she served.


    Ready to get started on this exciting journey?   To learn more about our programs and how you can take your organization to the next level, simply contact Insight Consulting & Training:

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