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Strategic Planning
  • Do you and your team have a clear sense of mission (purpose)?
  • You know your mission, but are you clear where your organization or team should be heading?
  • Is your organization customer-focused?
  • Are you struggling to mobilize your team to achieve your objectives for success?

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  • Do you have an adequate pool of leadership candidates to pull from when the current leadership team retires?
  • Are your teams effectively collaborating to successfully implement the changes required to sustain organizational performance in today's competitive landscape?
  • Do your employees possess the necessary skills such as effective teaming, creative problem solving, and interpersonal communications to achieve your organization's objectives?

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  • Baffled by the challenge to attract, retain and develop Generation-X and Millennial High Performers that have values different from yours?
  • Can your organizational culture adapt to meet the diverse needs of the four generations in the workforce today?
  • If surveyed, would the different generational customers you serve rate your Customer Service as "Excellent"?

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How We Can Help

In our current economy, knowledge — embodied in the experience, skills, and creativity of people — is the most important factor in creating and sustaining competitive advantage and long-term success.  High performance organizations realize that their greatest asset is its Human Capital.  They concentrate on creating a positive workforce culture that keeps employees engaged and committed to the organization’s goals, and developing their skills to keep pace with the requirements of a constantly evolving marketplace. Human Capital has three dimensions, all of which factor in the performance equation:

  • Intellectual Capital: what people know and learn
  • Social Capital: how people form connections and share
  • Emotional Capital: how much people are committed to the organization and how much of themselves they're willing to invest in its success

The organization with the better workforce wins — performing better and changing more readily and they realize the following benefits:

  • High creativity
  • Employee commitment
  • Higher productivity
  • Employee health
  • Talent attraction & retention

We can help you:

  • Define a clear strategy and master plan for managing and growing your business
  • Build a culture of commitment, trust and collaboration that attracts and retains high performers
  • Develop your employees and leaders to increase effectiveness
  • Improve performance and reduce stress through effective teamwork

We partner with businesses to achieve peak performance through effective business planning and training programs to address each client's specific requirements.  Our clients are small and medium sized companies located in Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest. We encourage you to click on this link to learn more about Who We Serve.

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